Monday, August 10, 2009

Pin Cushion

I've added several new things to my routine in the last few weeks. I should be getting ready for school but for the most part - I'm way ahead of ya! In an effort to keep my world as low stress as possible I did Let's Dish at teh end of July and have those meals ready-to-go in my freezer since then (we are partaking in the first tonight ... salmon ... mmmmm), I got my room and courses ready for school early, and I've started acupunture (what's a few more needles at this point, right?).

Acupuncture is something I've been considering doing for years anyway because I have a chronic back pain that my very patient husband will try and massage out from time to time, but truly, it's pretty bad. People have recommended Eastern Medicine to me for years and I've gone from thinking I'd rather have 3 squares a day of tofu and berries to being so desperate that I'd stick myself with needles if it would stop hurting.

Then our fertility specialist recommends doing acupuncture throughout our treatment, partially to increase blood flow, but partially to just de-stress. So my acupunturist (I feel very elitist saying "my acupunturist" by the way) is also treating my back pain.

All. But. Gone.

The biggest stress in my life right now is that my acupunturist is always running 30 minutes to 1 hour behind schedule. But thanks to Ivanka the iPhone, I'm kicking some Oregon Trail Tail.

Allow me to pass on the raving reviews that acupuncture works!!!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Amber, I mean Pin Cushion. Haha! Laura