Sunday, March 23, 2008

You can't even make stuff like this up!

Let your minds' eye travel with me to ... Easter Sunday ...

Sunday school class. Nothing special other than our teacher was doing a creative number with discussing the resurrection story of Christ ... our Lord ... what the ... ???

Enter 9 hundred and 32 year old woman, barely 5 ft tall. Shaking and feeble. Literally enter. As my class of 30 or so young marrieds has our heads to our teacher, an elderly woman at death's door sneaks into our classroom and gums a few Bisquick sausage balls from the Snack Station. I really don't know how I even saw the quiet little mouse. As quickly ... maybe sluggishly is a better adverb ... as she came, she left, but not until she nestled a handful of sausage balls into a napkin to go.

I had the worst church giggles of my life. At least of my adult life. Dr. J's elbow jabbing didn't help things, nor did the two or three other people that also witnessed the mischievous thievery. Thank goodness I already knew how the story ended.


Rachel said...

Doug and I were ROTIL (Rolling on the inside laughing)! He kept nudging me saying that you were still laughing nad I knew if you knew we were watching you it would only make it worse. I have an aunt whose head bobbles just like that woman's head and it made me laugh! She said something as she entered, if only we had a way to go back and decipher what she said...Did you notice Brenda got up and shut the door shortly after?

Missy said...

yes, but brenda didn't see her. the shutting of the door was unrelated. i asked brenda about her during choir but she didn't know what i was talking about.