Friday, March 14, 2008

Volunteer Teaching

This is my new term for when I come into work for a full day on my day off. Except that I goofed around on iTunes for a full hour first. And sent a dozen unneccesary emails ... and oh wait, now I'm blogging. In any case, today we are out of school, next Friday we are out, and the following week is Spring Break! And I'm taking a full 24 hours to go shopping in Charlotte plus my dad is going to visit for 4 days!!!! Don't think for a second that teachers get all the breaks because I work most nights and weekends. So suck it. It beats last year's work pace, but still ... exhausting.

I'm so excited that Ms. Pettigrew Lives for a Day is out! Frances McDormand is the greatest of the greats. This is definitely a popcorn and soda movie.

Alright, back to grading.

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