Monday, February 04, 2008

Movies and macaroni

Dr. J leaves town and I sink into deep bachelorette-hood-dom. I left dirty dishes in the sink and last night, drank coffee from a mug off the counter that may or may not have been entirely clean, and I had a sore throat so I made a pot of macaroni and cheese for dinner. What is wrong with me?? And why do i keep getting sick? And no snide comments about the mediocre cleanliness of my morning mug are necessary, thank you very much.

I miss this little blog-ette and the random comments that I got from friends near and far. Oddly enough, most of you always felt compelled to comment on private emails or via telephone calls. What a strange bunch you all are.

By the way, please tell me you have all seen Juno. And Atonement. I loved that crazy girl, Juno. She reminded me of me, so awkward and outcasted in high school, except for the whole pregnancy thing. I only wish I could have had the confidence to get myself a cheeseburger phone. Or even a hamburger phone.

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Karo said...

More Missy blog, plz.