Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Baby Step

Second only to trying to educate the general public about the inner workings of science, my purpose in life seems to be to get others to play dominoes. I wouldn't say that all Texas-born muggles play, but certainly all that ever frequented The Chicken in College Station can hold their own in 42. Not that I've ever been to The Chicken. Except between 1996 and 2002. But other than that I'm most holy.

The problem in getting people to play is that you need 4. No more, no less. Unless you play Mexican Train, which is fine, but isn't for hardcore domino lovers. Tonight I did break down the first barrier and at least get a friend into a one-on-one game of dominoes. Mostly I think she felt the need to babysit me, I probably do seem like a sap. I did come down with a mild case of the nasties within hours of Dr. J's departure. Again, probably more related to the fork I've reused three times in two days.

Hey crew - I made the bed this morning like the grown up that I am! Awww ... wipe that solitary tear.

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Anonymous said...

One advantage to Dr. J's departures... they seem to result in more Missy blog. Good for me!
The prolonged existence of cold weather has put a drag on me also. I'm not strong willed enough to actually make my bed though. - Bert's Mom