Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Toasty Mona

A Toasty Mona
Originally uploaded by missyajg.
This little kitten is plagued with the same disease as every other cute kitty in the world: she cannot let an opened door or an unwatched bag go unnoticed. Here we see her basking in the warmth of the dryer, exhausted from hours of rummaging through my purse and backpack.


Dr. J. said...

I have to clarify that even though she can not let any unopened doors inside the house without exploring (i.e. closets, pantry, etc) this is not the case with the doors going to the back or front yard. She only needs to hear Missy say "Mona NO" to sit right in front of the door and wait for you to leave. Of course for some strange reason it doesn't work when I say it (probably my accent). We are trying to encourage this behavior but who knows how long would it last. She is a very good dog ... I mean cat.

Hachie Gal said...

and you wonder why you can't make your child behave :-).