Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nuttin, honey

Yes, I seem to only be able to post M-W ... the load should lighten soon enough, my long lost friends. And for those of you that are having a baby next week, I miss you tons and I'm so sad that I'm not there to get to bring you CheezBalls to the hospital because, c'mon, who really wants flowers when you can have CheezBalls!?

Last week I built 16 - 9" high Trebuchets. I was a HIT! Two days of assorted marshmallows and jelly beans of all shapes and sizes flying in every possible direction. Yes, it was as stressful as it sounds. And a mere two weeks from tomorrow, I will be accompanying no less than 200 6th graders on a three hour school bus trip to Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach! I only wish I were joking!

No, I won't tell you what the difference in a trebuchet and a catapult is. Do your own research.


Anonymous said...

Your friend who's having a baby - hopefully next weeek - misses you tons also! Wish you could be here to share the CheezBalls and oogle over the baby! Actually, I've had trouble locating a canister of CheezBalls also.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Marfeld!! I hope you have a safe and easy delivery.