Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I miss exams!

I am currently being forced to subject myself to the most unnatural thing possible ... writing a subjective paper. UGH! Give me a book of math problems or sit me down and tell me to read a physics text book cover to cover (not biology though ... that stuff bores the poop right out of me). But this narrative, subjective, philosophical-in-nature-sort-of-thing comes out sounding WAY to similar to a blog post which I am certain my Prof is not looking for. Blick! I can't go 5 minutes without screaming to Professor McGonagal how much I HATE THIS!!! HATE!


I'm a few pages away from a rough draft and it's due tomorrow.


AND we don't have any exams in this class, only papers and this one's the shortest by about 10 pages.


I think when I finish my paper I'll console myslef with an episode of The Girls before I move onto more studying.


Walker369 said...

Give me a subjective paper anyday and you take the math - blah!

Anonymous said...

Really, I will trade you a paper for the exam I have to take tommorow that has a review, given by the prof, of 25 typed pages. Just an example of what is on it....The transfer of energy from NADH + H+ and FADH2 to oxygenreleases ATP through an electron transport chain....Yep- thats basic digestion for you...BLAH. Love you and I know your paper is great. Put some vaseline on your hickey/burn and it will sooth the pain, maybe...;) K