Saturday, October 22, 2011


- The glue stick that was a included for free in a pack of Duracell batteries ... what do they think I'm going to do with those batteries that is gonna result in me needing a glue stick?

- Why can't celery taste more like Cheez Its? Since I'm dreaming, I'm gonna go ahead and request the white cheddar or baby swiss variety.

- A student (teenager) tried to reassure and comfort me by reminding me that "I still have my health"? Isn't 33 the new 20? or something

- Haven't seen an Aggie game on TV in years, they air 3 here so far this year, we blow em all. This is the saddest of all my ponderings.

- The boys always take their best naps on Saturday, when I'm either out getting a little time to myself or I'm here at the house with a second set of hands. Curses.

- the only baseball teams I've ever rooted for are the Rangers and the Cardinals. Can't help but root for my roots - Go Rangers!

Incidentally, I am writing tonight because I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've sat down since July.

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