Saturday, July 16, 2011

TWO 12-mo olds at my house

I had planned to post these sooner but my BFF decided to have herself a baby the next day. I'd share more about that story but this is about B & L. So, some other time, Lucy.

It was such a busy day, Papaw woke the boys up early, they were excited to be a whole year old!!

The Things had so much to do, Lucas was in charge of greeting guests at the door and Benjamin was going to lead a reading at storytime

Papaw, Noni and Uncle Austin came for the big day as well as lots of great friends.

There were oh so many cakes,

There was some initial trepidation, as the Things weren't sure what to make of such a large puff. That was red.

Eventually, the Things loved their cakes.

But they thought they were going to get to eat the whole thing and were sad when Mommy took it away. Luckily, Thing 1 was plotting ahead and kept a reserve in his chair / hair.


Allison said...

How wonderful that your family was able to be there! I love the photo of all of you together. Happy first birthday, B & L!

Rachel said...

Loved seeing all the pictures. Sad that we weren't able to be there! The things sure look like they had fun!