Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Guest Post from the Boys

[A rhythmic morse code of nom, nom. Nom nom nom. Mmmmnnnuu. Nom ... Followed by miniature elephant sounds and a series of monkey squaks.]

Allow me to interpret.

Lucas: Dude. You are soooooo needy. Mom can't even open her computer without you being strapped to her chest in that kangaroo pouch thingy.

Benjamin: Whatevs. You have casts.

Lucas: That's what you got for me? That's all you can come up with?? So lame. Clearly, we can see who is the dominant personality here.

Benjamin: What's with your elephant noises anyway?

Lucas: I don't need to dignify that. And it's totally your fault that mom had to give up the nursing. Those were some nice ta tas.

Benjamin: I've had better.

Lucas: I will cut you, boy.

That's when I walked in to stop the argument only to find them like this. Quite the feisty bunch.

(lucas left and top, benjamin on right


Mary said...

So funny. Hang in there!! What am I talking about I never had two at one time :):)

Anonymous said...

Cut him! Benny better watch it. In a few short weeks, Lucas will be hefting those casts like they are feathers...Ben better steer clear of Lucas' legs.


Tina said...

I have no idea where you come up with this stuff, but you are freakin' hilarious!