Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A little gift from me to you

I am probably the last person to know and use this website but I have just been introduced and it's my new best friend (sorry Dr. J).

Check it, check it, check it. This place has movie reviews ... but fantastically organized and easy to use. Pick from all reviewers, "cream of the crop" aka the well known reviewers ... you are looking for a tomato which in this case is a good movie. A green blat is a rotten tomato - a flop. Essentially anything that gets over about 70% is worth some attention. The percentages compile all reviewers as well as readers so less chance of being misguided by that pot-smoking reviewer that has nothing in common with me and my love of all things kitten. Also gives you heads up and all release dates of upcoming once they are confirmed.

And as a little added bonus, for my frequent traveler friends, I have also been introduced to the latest and greatest in discount fare searching. You know you love me.

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