Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kids and Screaming

Usually I'm the unfortunate one that has to sit at the back of the plane with all the screaming kids since my travel plans always seem to get made last minute (I guess it's possible that since I travel the economic route this could have a little something to do with it as well). Anyhooooo ... yesterday I managed to finagle a second row seat and really enjoyed my three hour flight without having to listen to the engines or know when ever passenger flushed. However, about a half hour from the end of the trip a three year old two rows behind me started screaming bloody murder like someone had just broken her arm and was trying to set it ... over ... and over ... and over.

I really tried to not be one of those passengers that turns around and looks ... I know those moms are embarrased and are trying to shut their fool kids up, but after 15 minutes of banchee behavior and my headache that had developed, I had to peek. Sure enough, it was the lady that had walked her daughter onto the plane with a leash and a harness. Yeah, when I saw the daughter-on-a-string I thought it was a little bit ridiculous but it didn't really clue me in that it is probably a sign of someone that just doens't know how to be a parent. This lady just let her kid SCREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAM (I don't mean cry either) for a half hour and all she did to try and calm her was make a very faint shhhhhhh every 20 seconds or so. Finally, a perfect stranger calmed her down by letting her play with her bookmark. This girl is either going to be a librarian or she just needed a toy. Me thinks the latter is more likely. Why the parent didn't try something, the world will never know.

I'm not opposed to having kids on planes, and I know why they cry. Planes are scary things. Sometimes I want to cry. But maybe we should evaluate which parents should fly the friendly skies.

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